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Marco Crupi Nada Mas Photography llc, presents: 

Seascapes in Cape May

On APRIL 18th - A ONE FULL-DAY Photo workshop in Cape May, New Jersey.



An intense day of shooting along the magical Southern tip of New Jersey. We will be taking advantage of the tail-end of the sleepy season by beating the crowds to this unique East Coast paradise. Magical Sunrises to mystical Sunsets and everything in between.

Join me for some creative fun as we photograph our way around Cape May.

 Participation Fee: $125



We will meet on the beach at 5:30am to set up for sunrise. 

Our Session will end after approximately 7:45pm.

* Once you register and pay the fee by using the Paypal button, I will notify you on the exact meting location and our specific itinerary. 


Areas we will be photographing:

Sunrise off of the Atlantic ocean

Various key beach spots, including structures

Sunset Beach
Jackson Street and Perry Street 
Cape May Lighthouse

On this day, I will teach you on how to capture light using different exposure techniques as well as how to maximize the usage of filters. Long Exposure techniques will also be covered showing you step by step how to achieve stunning captures.  

I personally like to help everyone attending individually by dedicating adequate time. Because of this, I limit this workshop to 6 participants. 

Participation Fee: $125

From Sunrise to Sunset. We will break for lunch from 12 to 2pm. 

Sunrise in Cape May in April happens at approximately 6:20am. 

What to bring:

- DSLR Camera, a wide lens ideal for seascape shooting, a zoom lens to cover details as we explore the streets of Cape May.
- Filters; at a minimum, bring 2; a polarizer, and a Graduated Neutral Density filter (GND) preferably a 150mm x 100mm rectangular.
If you own more, like a Vari-ND or a solid 3 stop ND, bring them!

- A sturdy tripod, remote control trigger, extra batteries, extra memory cards. - Waterproof camera protection can come in handy

- Suitable and comfortable clothing, which you can layer. The beach can be cold particularly early morning and late evening.

- Waterproof jacket.
Wind and rain are always a possibility.

And lastly, bring your sense of adventure, as you will be set for a great experience.